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Anonymous: Mmmm post more sexy guys with tattoos

lol alrighty anon, I’ll try

Anonymous: Who is the guy in the orange beanie

Name: Ricky Jeune

Twitter: @RickyRosayy5

Anonymous: quincy is not Latino lmaoooo!

Lol that’s what someone told me my badness 

23. March 2014

Anonymous: Heyyyyy luv ur blog and do u have any idea who the guy u posted a while back In the set of four pictures was? He had I a hat and he had tattoos. He had a chain in two of the pictures. He's seriously like my biggest crush so if you know who he is can u tell me pleasssssseeeeee

Sorry for replying late but 

vine: OG_RedROSE

Instagram: real_Redrose
Twitter : OG_Redrose